Chick Testimonial's

Jaime and staff,

We couldn't thank you enough for introducing us to your chickens. We have been raising our own for the last 5 years and we love it. I originally thought it would just be an education for my kids but it has turned into a lifestyle. My children Larissa and Chase really enjoy watching, feeding and caring for our flock. We have expanded and have had turkeys geese and ducks as well. My kids really enjoyed swimming with the goslings. We look forward to every spring when we can come to Agway for more chicks, especially the uncommon breeds. The best part of owning chickens is by far the EGGS. They are so much better for you in so many ways, I couldn't never eat another store bought egg again.

Chris Neuert
New Egypt NJ

I got my chicks at New Egypt Agway and they're very healthy and very big. They are turning 1 in March but they have laid a tremendous amount of eggs in the past months. Even in the winter every day I collect about 4 eggs in total which is pretty good, because most hens stop laying. Next time I decide to get more chicks I'm going to Agway, definitely!
My Breeds are...Silver Whydnote, Rhode island Red, Ameraucana, New Hampshire, Buff orbington, Silkie, Black australorp and Barred rock."

Jennifer Booth
Robbinsville NJ