Weekend Manager

Renee Stillwell has been part of the team at Animals and Gardens Unlimited since 2013. Renee has served as the New Jersey FFA State President and as the State Secretary. She also graduated from Mercer County Community College and plans to transfer to Delaware Valley University where she will be studying Agriculture education. Many of the trainings we do at AG-U, as well as the general interaction with the customers and their animals and gardens make this place of work very valuable to her and her future. Renee raised sheep for ten years and feeder hogs for three and recently added British White Park cattle to her family’s farm. Through raising, showing and breeding her sheep she has been able to meet new people across the east coast and has learned a variety of things from showmanship and handling to shearing and proper grooming of the animal. She started raising feeder hogs because she enjoys raising her own meat and being able to share the meat with her family and friends. Renee also enjoys anything to do with farming including urban agriculture, vertical farming and rooftop farming. Renee is the perfect person to direct any sheep and hog questions to as well as anything FFA related!