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2017 Year in Review

In the past I have sat down and given you a review of the current year and preview of the upcoming year. Although we are already 3 weeks in I would like to get you excited about what’s ahead in 2018. First, I will give a brief summary of 2017. We completed our first full year under our new name of Animals and Gardens Unlimited. As we know, many of our longtime customers will continue to refer to us as Agway and that’s ok. We are proud of where we came from and have no regrets of the path we took to get to where we are today. From time to time we still get the question about why we decided to have a name change. To keep it short and sweet our new name defines who we are what we do and why we do it. Animals and Gardens Unlimited - that’s right unlimited! It gives us the flexibility we need to take your store to wherever it needs to go to serve you. “It’s A Way Of Life” and that’s precisely why we do it. The products you use every day are for your way of life and ours too. That’s why when you come here someone on our team will undoubtedly share your passion and be able to advise you on most anything you are looking for. We may not all possess the knowledge of everything, but someone here does for each and every department, category and item we sell. We invite you to ask and explore your passion with us. 

At the end of 2017 we realigned our management team and I encourage you to visit our meet the staff page on our website to see our entire team and what their specialties are. Call them, meet with them, email them, share a post, whatever means you want to use please communicate with us so we can enrich your AGU experience. 

In 2017 we finally started the process of re wrapping our delivery trucks. It took us a while to find the right artistic representation of our business and the right person to execute the wrap. If you think that sounds to elaborate for a truck design, I assure you they’re beautiful and if you visit; you’ll see why we chose to work with them.

Every new year brings excitement and optimism. This year is no different. We are now offering some new and unique items like local honey, Vermont maple syrup and Stonewall Kitchen items. The changes in shopping habits and commerce have and will continue to change. Amazon has revolutionized the old Sears Catalog into digital world. I am no exception in finding this to be one of the biggest challenges we have faced but I am confident it will push us to become better and better. Our offering to you is expanding every single week in 2018!  

AGU Outdoors will be launched this spring. We are starting with a complete fishing department including fresh and salt water tackle. We have welcomed Dave Koblen to our management team and he will be here to help you achieve your fishing goals. Please stop in and see him. He is a wealth of knowledge and brings a common-sense approach to the outdoors. While you’re at it, check out our new logo at and join our Facebook group AGUOutdoors by heading to I will let you imagine what’s coming next after the fishing season kicks in. Wink wink! Remember what the U stand for in AGU!

There are many things I haven’t shared yet, and we are updating our technology to offer you the multiple means by which you can do business with us to include an e-commerce option. Please watch for this coming soon. The techy people like to call it omni-channel retailing. Me, I refer to as serving you, our customer better each day. Thank you for your support yesterday, today and tomorrow. 



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