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Benefits of Having a Rooster In Your Flock

Roosters can add many advantages to your home and to your flock. Some may see it as a bad idea, but there are many key benefits to having a rooster in your flock. Among these benefits include fertilization, behavior, defense and beauty. 

First and foremost, roosters provide a free and economic way to increase the size of your flock. Some people only have a few chickens and may be looking to increase the size of their farm or have a need for more eggs. One of the best ways to add more chickens to your flock is to introduce a rooster.  A rooster will mate with most or all of the hens in the flock. Once you have fertilized eggs, all you need is a safe place for the hens to nest and you can have chicks in no time. Another positive is that you can eat fertilized eggs the same way you can eat unfertilized eggs. This means that you can have more chickens without losing the benefits if having access to fresh eggs.  Within a flock a rooster is like the shepherd or head of the family.  The second benefit to having a rooster is that it provides guidance to all of the hens. It will alert them when he’s found food, maintains the social hierarchy, tells the hens when and where to move around, and ensures their safety. The entire order of the flock is lead and organized by the presence of a rooster.  One of the biggest benefits to having a rooster in your flock is the protection it provides against predators and danger.  A rooster will serve as a primary defender against danger by restlessly watching over the hens in his flock. Although they may appear aggressive, they are always alert and on the lookout for predators from the sky and the ground.  Roosters will alert the flock when danger is close and will fight off almost any animal that threatens his hens or their eggs. In addition, since roosters are the head of the flock they also protect hens within the flock from each other by always maintaining the order. 

Finally Roosters add beauty and color to your home. The bright feathers of a rooster are what make it one of the most beautiful birds in the whole flock.  The bright colors of the feathers are what help reproduce hens and distract predators for defense.  Chickens are some of the most economical farms animals to have. They are a sound investment. By having a rooster in your flock, the returns are that much greater.

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