Enhancing Your Space for Your Pet

Has your dog or cat ever stared at you and looked bored? Your normal solution may be to go buy a new toy or treat. What if you could create an area in your home that is just as fun for your pet as it is for you?  

Stimulated pets get into less trouble and mischief. Whether it’s stimulation physically from activities or mental from learning a new trick, every pet will be a more enjoyable part of the family if they are given a chance to just be themselves. Similar to how you may not always want to tiptoe around your own home and follow every rule, pets need to do their own thing too. So how do we do this? 

Do you have space in your home you can spend time with your pet? It doesn’t have to be a pet only area, but an area your pet is allowed to just have fun. Maybe your kitchen has a large area to run around for those pets who love to play or your living room has an empty corner you can create a nice quiet bed spot for those lazy pets.

For dogs and cats having an area to call their own can be important when people come over to visit or they just need some down time when life gets too hectic around them. Try to have a spot you can make theirs where they always know they can rest. Maybe a cat tree or dog bed in the corner would help. This can curb some anxious behavior since they can remove themselves from a situation that’s too much for them.

Our energetic pets who need some time to play tend to get in trouble if they see the whole house as their playground. Try to designate a room where they can run around when allowed and they can burn off some steam. Involve toys in this area or the puzzle games where they can find treats to help them be able to understand that this is play time and it’s ok to be energetic in this area. 

A lot of times, as pet owners, we try to get animals to fit into our existing lifestyles and get certain breeds or types of animals we feel will suit that. However, every animal is different and a lot of times they have many things to teach us about enjoying life. Try to take some time to see what they like and fit that into your routine. A little give and take always makes every relationship stronger. For those who love their pets, it’s not just a pet, they are part of our families and they become a way of life. 

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