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Is It Turkey Season or Deer Season....?

Turkey season just started and the sound of gobblers in the early morning makes all of us get that overwhelming desire to get after ‘em! Not to take anything away from that but it is time to prepare for the spring food plotting season. Normally I would talk about different seeds and strategies, and all that is important, however there is an overwhelming amount of information out there, as well as opinions (and when asked I will certainly give mine), but I really want to give you something different to think about. 

The topic I think that’s important to talk about is the natural browse that is in your hunting area. Did you happen to take notice that after the last two big, heavy, wet snowfalls we had this winter that the woods look more open? Just driving down the road you can see further into the woods than usual. I think this creates a real opportunity for us crazy deer hunters. A biologist once told me that focusing on fertilizing the natural browse is equally as effective as food plots. That’s certainly debatable but either way there is some common sense to it.  Here’s my theory: With the woods being opened up this year and next, we should see some new growth - that starts because of the expanded daylight the woods floor sees. What you can do to help is take notice of the edges and clearings where this new growth starts and give it a boost. Throw a bag of triple 15 on your quad and use your empty coffee cup to toss it around. You can’t go wrong and yes we sell it at AG-U. Want to turn it up a notch? Take a pole saw or chain saw and enhance what mother nature has done already and create some more daylight. Happy plotting!

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